It's the NEW in NEW QUAY

New Quay is an extremely popular holiday destination, especially in the good weather!

The beaches come alive with families enjoying the sunshine and the calmer waters of the sheltered harbour. The visitors also enjoy the shops and of course the food outlets.

So what an exciting and fresh concept the Lime Crab is - not only the traditional fish and chips done so very well... but Tempura prawns, deep fried Halloumi, plus beautiful foods such as Lobster and Crab when they can find the quality they demand.

New Quay has a new asset - the Lime Crab not only looks good, but it delivers something that visitors will come back for, time and time again...a business that means business can only be good for New Quay



Just had  our first fish and chips from the Lime Crab and it was superb and truly the best fish and chips we've had for years.  Chips were crisp and dry and perfectly cooked, fish was lovely too.  Keep it up Gethin and good luck in your new venture. Peter and Wendy


well done to all, lovely food, lovely people, see you soon........... love the squid, cod bites and today the tempura battered king prawns were yummy best wishes and kind regards Edward (the tall dark handsome chap) BTW can I have beach delivery on exception :-)

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